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Division 1 of the SNCL is FIDE rated. Only 5 games are now required to get an initial FIDE rating. FIDE rating now extends down to 1001 level.

There will be SNCL updates to the FIDE site throughout the season.

This is the calendar of registered FIDE events in Scotland.

Could all Division 1 captains please make sure that all their players have a FIDE ID (the international equivalent of our domestic pnums). All players can be checked at the FIDE link

All Scottish FIDE registered players, both rated and unrated, are listed here.

To get a FIDE ID please register your player by supplying their name and year of birth and request a code is created by contacting (Please use the same address if you want to report any errors in FIDE listings – eg spellings, birth years etc)

Players are entitled to a Scotland code if they have a birthplace, parentage or residency qualification. If a non-Scottish player does not have two years residency they may not be eligible for a Scotland code. In this case they should request a FIDE ID from their home federation. If a player without a code turns up to play and is not Scotland eligible they may not be permitted to play in a FIDE rated division. Please try and sort out FIDE IDs before attending.

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